Find The Root Of Your Problem With Accurate Camera Line Inspections

Camera line inspections are one of the latest pieces of technology to enter into the plumbing industry, and it has allowed plumbers to accurately and efficiently provide plumbing services that are less invasive to your property. Our plumbing technicians can take detailed photographs of your underground plumbing system without digging a whole, and help you find the root cause of your plumbing issues. If you are interested in scheduling a camera inspection with our skilled and efficient camera line technicians, call us today at (231) 632-2900.
Manual Workers Doing Check Up — Plumbing Inspections in Traverse City, MI

Precision Locating

All Rooter Inc uses unique, specially made fiber optic cameras to help us identify the root cause of all your home's plumbing issues. Our cameras allow us to view the condition of the outside and inside of your home's plumbing system from underground. By using a flexible rod and high-resolution water-proof camera our technicians will be able to find visual evidence of your plumbing problem and be able to provide you with a detailed estimate on what we can do to fix it. If you are interested in finding out the condition of all your underground plumbing, call us at
(231) 632-2900 and schedule for a camera line inspection today.

Fixing All Your Sewer and Plumbing System Problems

With our camera technology, our technician will be able to easily and accurately find the cause of your plumbing system issues. We can pinpoint the exact location, and only work in that specific spot, most times. This helps you save time and avoid pricey landscaping costs. Our plumbers will help you repair or replace your sewer line issues quickly and accurately. We offer high-quality sewer line and water line repair and replacement services that can help clear all your backed-up clogs, and get your home's plumbing system running back to peak condition. Learn more about our sewer and water line repairs.